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Tips to Keep Bees Away from Your Home

5 Tips to Keep Bees Away from Your Home

In our environment, bees are essential pollinators, yet their stings can be excruciating and even dangerous. So, having bees in your home feels unsafe. Bees generally keep their distance and won’t actively try to sting unless they feel threatened. Still, most people want to stay away from them and wasps, which are more dangerous. Hence, there are five tips to keep these pests away from your home.

Remove Bee-Attracting Plants

It’s a hobby of many individuals to cultivate flower gardens close to their homes. On the other hand, bees consume pollen and nectar from flowers as food. Flowers attract bees to your home because you have put them around it. Removing bee-attracting plants will also keep the bees away from your home. 

Use Mothballs

Mothballs work well to keep bugs away, but if not used carefully, they can hurt people. Using mothballs to get rid of bees will also prevent more issues because, like other pests, bees don’t enjoy the smell of them. You need to hang the balls near the hive. When the bees smell them, they will fly away and may never come back. Also, if you see pests inside your home, you can put them where they usually go. You won’t just keep bees away; you’ll also eliminate other problems.

Use Repellent Spray

They are repelled by some fragrances, like peppermint and cinnamon, and in the same way, they are drawn to sweet smells. You can use one drop of peppermint, cinnamon oil (or both), and one cup of unscented baby shampoo to repel bees without hurting them. This combination will solve to keep bees away without killing them.

Patch Up Cracks

Finding wasps or bees inside your house is an issue that is even more distressing than having them in your yard. The most effective method for warding off unwanted guests in your home is to take measures to block their entry in the first place. You can accomplish this by using a water-resistant caulk to cover any small gaps in your home and repairing any holes in your window screens (or replacing them). The best times to use this kind of pest control are in the middle of winter or spring before wasps begin their breeding season.

Put Citronella Candles

Your chances of experiencing future problems will be lower if they stay away from your hive once they can smell the candle’s scent. Put citronella candles in your lawn or garden to prevent bees from swarming near your home. Citronella’s pleasant aroma will annoy the bees just enough to scare them away without endangering them.

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Final Thoughts

With the help of these suggestions, you may now drive the bees away from your home and your problems. With this, you’ll feel safe in your home, thinking no more bees are flying around. But if you discover those pests uncontrollable, you better seek professional help with Hero Pest Control. Rest assured that you’ll feel secure in your zone because we give the best service in keeping bees away. Contact us right now! 

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