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Homeowners often succumb to the likes of rats, mice, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and opossums making of home of their own within the walls, attics, crawl spaces or worse yet, the interior of your biggest investment. Hero Pest Control has vowed to take control of the situation by utilizing industry leading methods by way of integrated pest management, also known as IPM. Gone are the days when folks thought it was good idea to chuck rodenticide throughout the infested area. Hero takes a professional and long term approach to controlling both rodent and wildlife trapping.

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Rat and Mouse

By active trapping we’re able to take advantage of the trails and evidence that they leave behind and we seek them out rather than just placing a few traps here and there. Active Trapping paired along with our exclusion work, sealing both currently used and all potential entry points, we’re able to gain 100% control on a long term basis.

Wildlife Control

When it comes to the slightly less common invaders such as squirrel, raccoon, skunk, and opossum, Hero Pest Control takes control of the situation by live trapping and relocation. Once the villain is certain to have been eradicated, we then seal any known and potential entry points so as to prevent any new invaders from taking over the previously occupied space.


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We highly recommend David Ticknor & his company for his professionalism, response time and efficiency. Keep up the great work 🙌

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The guys at Hero are the best!!! Always show up on time and go above and beyond to make the customer happy.

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