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German Cockroach Control


German cockroaches don’t survive outdoors and are brought inside your home in a variety of ways including in luggage used when traveling, an appliance or furniture from a garage sale or even as simple as an item bought new at the store. They can easily sneak in and begin an infestation before you know it. Treating them, however, can be a difficult task for a homeowner. 
Hero Pest Control offers a sure fire way to eliminate german roach populations by targeting their harborage areas and the use of baits along with non-repellents. The application is made with your family in mind, with safety as our priority.

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German Roach

German cockroaches are most commonly found in apartments, restaurants, hotels and homes. Known for their incredible rate of breeding, a single cockroach egg can quickly turn into an infestation. German roaches are about 1 inch in length and are a brown color. They move incredibly fast and are usually unseen. If you see cockroaches scurrying away when you open a cabinet or you open a drawer in the kitchen, this is a telltale sign of german roaches.

German Roach

Because german roaches need food and water to survive, they typically breed and nest near kitchens. Cutting off their food and water supply will be a crucial step in eradicating the infestation. Put food in the fridge or in plastic containers to make the food inaccessible to roaches. Every time you use the sink, wipe the leftover water from the sink and repair any leaks in the home. Calling an experienced pest control company is essential. At Hero Pest Control, we use only the best and most family friendly products.


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