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6 Sneaky Signs of Silverfish

Do you sometimes see a silvery little creepy-crawly quickly slithering across the floor of your attic or basement? It might mean you have a silverfish infestation. They are small, silvery, and move like a fish, hence the name.

They also like living in warm, damp areas, and reproduce like mad when they have found a place that suits them.

Read on if you want to learn more about what the signs of a silverfish infestation are and how to get rid of silverfish.

Yellow Stains
Unexplained Allergies
Avoid Damage to Your Belongings – Take Silverfish Infestation Seriously

1. Feces

You might start seeing silverfish feces, which look small, black, and round, almost resembling peppercorns. Because their droppings are so unique, silverfish infestation is easy to catch.

But because their droppings are so small and are found in places like garages, basements, attics, kitchens, and storage areas, you might brush them away as debris or dust.

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2. Yellow Stains

Silverfish urine will tend to stain yellow, so if you start seeing yellow stains in certain places, you will know that you have silverfish infesting your precious home.

You might also see yellowish dust or yellowish stains on your belongings, like books, papers, and fabrics. It’s an indication that silverfish have been there.

3. Sightings

There’s nothing more concrete than actually sighting live silverfish darting about freaking out the children and yourself. If you keep on seeing silverfish in your home, it’s a clear sign you need to call in a pest control company.

4. Holes

Silverfish like to eat starches, which is why they have an unusual diet, where you will see them munching through and making several holes in newspapers, magazines, books, fabric, and wallpaper.

They might also start making holes in your food cabinets, as they search for suitable sources of starch to satisfy their appetite.

5. Skin

Silverfish will shed skin well into their adulthood, which means you might see their skin lying about.

It has scales on it that are metallic and opaque-looking. If you see this, then you know for sure you have a silverfish infestation.

6. Unexplained Allergies

Have you or your loved ones started getting some unusual allergies that didn’t exist before? It could be because of the silverfish infestation.

Generally, silverfish aren’t harmful to humans, but they can cause allergies in certain highly sensitive individuals. Not only that, but they can also attract certain other, more dangerous bugs to your home. check out our services in Pest Control in Waco TX, Pest Control Temple TX and Pest Control Killeen TX

Avoid Damage to Your Belongings – Take Silverfish Infestation Seriously

No one wants to share their home with any unwanted pests, even if they might have a fancy name like silverfish. If you have any of the above signs of silverfish infestation in your home, then you need to call pest control now.

Avoid further damage to your belongings, avoid attracting other dangerous bugs to your home, and avoid unwanted allergies by removing all silverfish from your home.

Request service from Hero Pest Control and get rid of your silverfish infestation easily and effectively.

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