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Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Pest Control Services

A 2016 study conducted across fifty United States homes found over 570 different insect species. Only 5 of the 554 rooms surveyed were free from insects.

While many of these insects are harmless or even beneficial, there are a few species that cause health issues in people or damage to property. Without pest control services, our homes would be infested with cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, and termites, not to mention other pests like rodents. 

If your pest problem is getting out of control, it’s time to call in the professionals. Read on for top tips and tricks for choosing the best pest control in Texas. 

Research: Read Reviews, Get Recommendations 

Hunting for the best pest control option in your area can take time. Don’t start calling the first companies that pop up in a Google search. Some best-practice research strategies can help you narrow down your options before you pick up the phone. 

Useful places to conduct research include: 

  • Read Google Maps reviews 
  • Check ratings and customer comments on their Facebook page 
  • Review the websites of the companies on the first page of a Google search
  • Read the blogs of companies to see if they offer quality advice
  • Ask around friends and family for recommendations

Some companies offer give-back programs to their local communities, like offering discounts for first responders and military veterans. Others are family-owned, sometimes over several generations. These kinds of emotional factors can also be an indicator that the company is trustworthy. 

Look Local for Texas Pest Control Services

By hiring a local company, you’re working with professionals who understand local pest problems.

If you hire a nationally headquartered exterminator, they may not have the knowledge or tools needed to deal with the specific species of pest that has invaded your Texas home.

Texas, for example, is blighted by two species of destructive termites. Texas-based companies like Hero Pest Control know the habits and life cycles of these species intimately and know how to safely manage an infestation.

They Have Green Pest Control Options

Today, the demand for green pest control options is on the rise. Homeowners are demanding pest protection that reduces the impact on human health and the environment.

Eco-pesticides remove and repel pests more efficiently than ever before. The products are more targeted to individual species and do more to protect your home.

Professional pest control companies understand that some of their customers might be looking for eco-friendly solutions to their pest problems. When providing a green pest control service, specialists like Hero Pest Control focus on regular exterior-only management of pests.

This keeps the inside of your home free from harmful chemicals.

Best Pest Control Services Provide You With a Plan

A professional Texas pest control company like Hero Pest Control will have a thorough pest control service strategy in place to deal with your pest problem.

They will inspect your property and structures, create a disinfection solution, and have the equipment and materials needed to adequately deal with the scale of each infestation.

Ready to get those mice mitigated and those cockroaches under control in your Texas home? Don’t hesitate! Request pest control services online with Hero Pest Control.

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