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What To Use To Kill Termites

What To Use To Kill Termites

If left unchecked, termites can ruin your home. They gnaw through structural beams quickly and cause considerable damage. Having a termite inspection performed on a regular basis helps catch the problem while it is still controllable. You’ll save a lot of money and save a lot of harm to your residence.

If you notice the first signs of a termite infestation, you can use some natural remedies to eliminate them before they cause any damage. Here are a few natural ways to use to kill termites:

Boric Acid

Termite control with boric acid is a tried-and-true technique. The highly potent insecticide boric acid is a common component in termite insecticides that you may buy at the shop. Boric acid kills termites by drying them and preventing their nervous system from functioning. Evenly spray the acid into cracks and crevices in the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Cardboard Trap

When you have found the termite infestation’s origin, soak two pieces of cardboard and lay them on top of one another. Termites will be drawn to the cellulose in the cardboard, and they will become trapped between the two pieces. After that, you can burn the cardboard outside. 

Since termites may multiply very quickly, there’s no assurance that this procedure can capture all of them, making it ineffective. Maintenance is also essential because termites will stop crawling on the cardboard if too many dead termite carcasses are piled up.

Cayenne Pepper

Although cayenne pepper gives your family’s chili a pleasant kick, it can also be a termite’s worst nightmare. Cayenne pepper’s primary ingredient, capsaicin, gives it intense heat and spiciness. By seriously harming termites’ nerve systems, this chemical also kills them naturally. To eliminate termites, use cayenne pepper as an excellent organic pest control.

If you have termite problems in a remote location, consider lightly sprinkling the pepper there and repeating the process several times until all of the termites are gone.

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Termites are just one of the many pest species that nematodes can combat. Nematodes inject lethal germs into their target to assault and kill it, or they enter the host, parasitize it, and then feed on it. Very gently stir the worms into a sizable pail of water before gently blending them to obtain a uniform mixture. Spray the liquid into the diseased region after pouring it into a spray bottle. The nematodes will spread when the water seeps into the wood. One spritz each day ought to be sufficient.

Neem Oil

This oil disrupts the reproductive cycle of insects. A termite’s hormonal system is altered once it consumes oil. As a result, the termite stops eating and stops reproducing. Because the elder termites die, this ultimately prevents the laying of eggs, eliminating the termites from expanding. The regions that have been treated are protected by this unique substance’s unpleasant odor, which repels termites.

Final Thoughts

These natural treatment methods work really well for small and isolated infestations of termites – such as a new one in furniture or firewood. But it probably won’t help you with your larger termite problem at home. Termites can dig into spaces you cannot reach or see, so it is best to call a professional like Hero Pest Control. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to help you with your termite problem. You can trust us for safe and effective treatment.

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