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Who Is Responsible For Pest Control When Renting

Who Is Responsible For Pest Control When Renting

There can be tension between tenants and landlords over who is responsible for pest treatment in rental houses when insects and other vermin make their way inside. While the landlord ultimately has to prevent pests from entering the building, tenants also have some responsibility in this area. Let’s look at the landlord’s responsibility for pest control in rental houses and what tenants can do to prevent pests from damaging their property.

What Is The Landlord’s Role?

Its purpose is to ensure that the house is habitable by state law. Assume a pest problem has been reported to the landlord. They are responsible for investigating and determining the best course of action. As a landlord, you are responsible for various aspects of pest control. In every season, pest control service in the rental home is highly recommended. Some state regulations will require landlords to educate and discuss pest control with their tenants. 

Most landlords have been held liable for providing pest control before renting the property and for any bugs discovered during the first 30 days of a rental contract. After 30 days, it is assumed that the renter’s living conditions caused the insect infestations.

What Is The Renters’ Role?

The renter’s role is to do their part in preventing a pest infestation. This includes keeping the property clean, disposing of food properly, and taking care of any household pests that appear. If you see signs of an insect problem or rodent activity in your home, contact your landlord immediately so they can address it. If you have visitors, make sure they don’t bring in any outside insects or pests.

When Should I Hire An Expert?

As soon as you prepare your home or townhome for rental, you should contact a professional pest control specialist. A regular pest control service can help prevent rodents and termites. This will protect your investment and keep your tenants happy. Pest management is the most effective way to protect your investment all year.

When pest problems arise, they must be addressed promptly so they don’t escalate into major catastrophes. A single cockroach or ant may not seem like a significant deal, but it indicates a much larger infestation.

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As you can see, pest control is typically the property owner’s responsibility. This does not, however, mean that the tenant is always free of liability. Tenants must maintain the property in good condition by ensuring it meets minimum sanitary requirements. The landlord is liable for pest control unless the renter has acted negligently. A full-time job could go a long way toward keeping bugs out of your house.

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