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American Cockroach vs German Cockroach: What’s the Difference?

Some homeowners can tolerate the infrequent sighting of a few smaller bugs, but when the frequency of sightings increase, it’s time to consider pest control. Though even just a few bugs can be a sign that your home has a pest problem.  

Roaches can be the culprits for a variety of health issues, including triggering asthma and allergies. However, different types of roaches can require different treatments for effective removal. How can you determine the difference between an American cockroach vs German cockroach? 

Keep reading to learn more about these household pests. 

Size Matters 

One of the most distinct differences between the German vs American cockroach is their sizes. The German variety is smaller than American roaches, ranging in size from 1/2 to 5/8 inch long—or about the size of a penny when you see an adult roach.  

American cockroaches (or water bugs) are the larger bugs that people more closely associate with roaches. They grow to about 1.5 inches in length with a wide, flat body.  

Use of Wings 

There’s a misperception that those “big” roaches fly. While the larger American cockroaches do have wings, they “glide” rather than fly. However, that technicality doesn’t make it any less frightening when you see one traveling in the air across the room.  

German cockroaches also have wings, but they don’t fly or glide. They stay on floors, counters, and walls when traveling from place to place.  

Preferred Locations 

American cockroaches prefer different locations than German roaches. 

American cockroaches prefer the comforting locales of crawl spaces, attics, basements, and drains. These are the roaches that appear to crawl out of the sink or tub drain.  

You’ll also find German roaches in the bathroom, but they won’t often come from the drain. They enjoy warm, humid environments, so they make themselves at home in bathrooms and kitchens. You’ll see their droppings on kitchen counters and around food sources.  

Keeping bathrooms and kitchens clean and putting food in sealed containers can help make these areas less attractive to both species of roaches.  

Eliminate Both Species 

If you spot either of these cockroach species, it’s time to take action. As different as they are, these insects both carry diseases, contaminate food and surfaces, and can quickly become an infestation if not treated early.  

Keep your home clean by disinfecting surfaces, vacuuming frequently, reduce the humidity in your home, and contact a pest control specialist to apply treatments to eliminate roaches. 

Professionals Can Eliminate American Cockroach vs German Cockroach 

No matter if you find an American cockroach vs German cockroach, call Hero Pest Control! Our professional technicians can quickly diagnose the type of roaches in your home and apply the most effective treatments.  

Don’t live with roaches in your home! Contact us today for a free consultation to resolve your roach problem.

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