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Termites 101: A Simple Guide for Every Homeowner

Termites are a bit of a terrifying prospect for any homeowner, not to mention those first-time homeowners in the current COVID-19 recession of 2020. It’s the time of social distancing, hyper-vigilant shoppers wearing masks everywhere they go, and some severe overuse of hand sanitiser – it can appear neurotic or even borderline obsessive at times for some people.

Worrying about one virus and the global race to find a vaccine (flashback: polio) should be enough. You shouldn’t also have to be concerned with termites taking over your castle by storm or ruining your family’s antique furniture.

It’s a lot and it’s not even beginning to scratch the surface of just how busy you find yourself day in and day out. It’s okay to delegate so many tasks you need to accomplish on any given day.

Basics Behind Year-Round Termite Services

Let a professional exterminator, a specialist in all things pests, handle your home inspection, and decide on the best way to tackle your specific termite problems. After disinfecting your home of any and all pests, you have the option of signing up with that same pest control company for year-round ‘protection’ that should effectively maintain a termite-free home.

With this year-round termite service, if you should have another infestation in the future, so long as you are still receiving the preventative service(s), the termite extermination and disinfecting process will be free of charge, every single time…

Not to say you’ll still have a termite issue every other year for a decade or anything wild like that. It might happen once more in the next 30 years (or however long) you’re living in that particular house.

The point – beyond the fact it’s essentially an all-inclusive preventative service and treatment for all termites to ever consider walking across your property (how dare they) – is that pest control companies are highly motivated to keep your home free of the same bugs you’re paying to protect against.

No company wants to pay more to fix something they could’ve prevented, to begin with, so it’s a good investment for your home’s long-term well-being and it isn’t any extra effort on your part.

If termites are on your mind or are a common pest in your neighbourhood, getting a company to manage your home’s year-round termite prevention is a wise choice, both for your peace of mind and your wallet.

But what exactly are termites and how do I know if I have any?

Termites are insects with a pretty advanced social structure where they tend to create ‘colonies’ anywhere they find reliable food sources. Colonies are structured in a caste-like system where there is one queen and many workers or soldiers.

Many termite types feed on wood, making them rather destructive to trees, woodlands, and timber. Termites come in many sizes and colours and eat any number of things, which means any home and/or business is at risk of termite infestation.

Keep an eye out for any of these common termite warning signs around your home: soft or squishy wood that sounds hollow, dark or blistering wood, and check painted items for any spots that suddenly aren’t the same colour throughout or the paint looks like it’s bubbling.

Call your local exterminators should you see any of these things, have a suspicion, or just need peace of mind.

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