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Are Bed Bugs Due To Poor Hygiene

Are Bed Bugs Due To Poor Hygiene?

There are several possible causes for bed bugs to arrive in your neighborhood. However, one of them isn’t inadequate sanitation or hygiene. Why is this: The house’s cleanliness is unimportant to these pests. It has been suggested that they coexist with rats and cockroaches. When you live in close quarters with these rodents, you risk contracting the plague, salmonella, and other diseases that would kill you.

Warmth is what bed bugs want, particularly during the chilly winter months when keeping warm might be challenging. They prefer hiding areas where animals or people won’t trample them. They love the tiny cracks between mattress seams and bed frame legs like blood!

What Brings Bed Bugs In?

Listed below are various bed insect magnets:


To prevent bed bugs, debris must be removed. Clothing, books on the floor, bed skirts tucked beneath an unmade bed, wardrobes that need to be cleaned out and combed through, and other items may fall into this category.

Bedding sets that have not been cleaned in more than six months may include naughty bed bugs that are ready for their next meal.


Bed bugs like shoes just as much as they adore leather couches or furniture. They also like fabric crevices. Check both shoes and sofas when attempting to find these bugs before they bite you.

Preventing Bed Bugs

Because it’s difficult to tell whether old mattresses or worn upholstered furniture have bed bugs, avoid picking them up. Before bringing any old furniture home, it must be thoroughly examined and cleaned. To eliminate any potential bed bugs or their eggs, scrub furniture with soapy water or a home cleaning solution.

Used clothes must be put in a plastic bag tightly closed and poured into the washing machine. To get rid of bed bugs and their eggs, wash them in hot water and dry them in a high-heat setting. When staying at hotels, check the room for bed bug traces before unpacking your bags.

Do your washing

Before bed, ensure your bedding is tidy and recently washed. It’s a terrific technique to keep bites at bay! They are not able to survive for very long without nourishment. If they do not locate a portion of food in the next five days, these bugs will starve to death.

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Infestation Warning Signs

The bites are the first indication that you have bed bugs. You may be bitten by bed bugs when you’re sleeping or relaxing. They often attack exposed parts like your arms, face, and legs. Each morning, additional bites will be visible. You should search for spots as a second indicator since many insects leave bite marks. Bed bugs urinate after eating. You’ll notice reddish-brown stains on your bed linens, pajamas, or sharp furniture edges. You have an infestation if you see these two symptoms.

Need Help With Bed Bugs?

Hero Pest Control is here for you if you have a severe infestation or are just beginning to notice bed insect symptoms. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and the best service possible.

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