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Does Ultrasonic Pest Control Work on Bed Bugs

Does Ultrasonic Pest Control Work on Bed Bugs

Bed bugs? Nobody wants to hear those two words. If you’re dealing with an annoying bed bug infestation, you want to know the best way to eliminate them promptly and effectively. If you’ve seen one in your home, on your luggage, or hiding in personal belongings, your first thought is probably to try to figure out what kills bed bugs quickly. To cut costs, many homeowners resort to making their pest repellents.

Further, ultrasonic pest devices and plugins boast an impressive claim: instant, hassle-free pest elimination at the touch of a button. But the big question is, do ultrasonic pest repellers work, especially on bed bugs? The first step is to determine whether or not these devices are effective at deterring pests.

What is Ultrasonic Pest Control?

Ultrasonic pest control uses an electronic pest control device that emits a high-pitched sound at a frequency that can irritate, kill, repel, or incapacitate household pests, including bed bugs. Ultrasonic pest control solutions are simpler and safer than traditional pest repellents and pest control methods.

Typically, the devices are plugged into an electrical outlet. Some devices are battery-powered for easier use in fields, gardens, sheds, and other unwired areas. When activated, the machine emits high-pitched sounds or high-frequency vibrations normally invisible to human ears. 

Is Ultrasonic Pest Control Effective?

Despite manufacturers’ claims that ultrasonic devices impact all of these different species, well-conducted research to back up these claims is limited.

For example, a study on the effects of ultrasonic pest repellers on bed bugs discovered that bed bug activity did appear to change slightly when the devices were running. However, there was no statistical difference between using an ultrasonic pest repeller and not using one.

Research conducted in 2015 by the University of Arizona (UA) found that commercially available ultrasonic pest devices were ineffective in reducing pest populations, even though their availability had increased.

In 2012, the Journal of Economic Entomology published a study on the effectiveness of ultrasonic bed bug repellents. According to the findings, “commercial ultrasound devices are not a promising tool for repelling bed bugs.”

While some ultrasonic pest repellers may have a minor short-term effect on some pests, the research is nearly unanimous: ultrasonic pest repellers are NOT an effective option for pest prevention or eradication.

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Call In The Pros To Exterminate The Bed Bugs!

Expert exterminators will use a variety of cutting-edge methods to kill or otherwise permanently remove all traces of bed bugs from your property. Professionals are aware of the toughness of these pests and their potential resistance to certain insecticides. A pest control expert will visit your home, assess the level of infestation, and work with you to develop an individualized strategy for eliminating bed bugs.

You don’t have to go it alone if you’re trying to control bed bugs. Get in touch with Hero Pest Control for effective, individualized treatments that can help wipe out bed bugs in your home and any nearby hiding places. Our team of trained professionals will also help you implement an effective bed bug prevention plan to keep these pesky creatures from coming back. Reach out today and get started with a free inspection and estimate!

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