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Are Raccoons Considered Rodents

Are Raccoons Considered Rodents?

Raccoons are small animals endemic to North America, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. They are easily identified by their bushy tails and distinctive patterns. Nonetheless, one of the most frequently asked questions concerning them is, “Are raccoons rodents?” “This is related in part to the fact that they are frequently spotted in metropolitan settings, as well as the pest status that is normally associated with such sightings.”

Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are well renowned for their striking black-and-white coloring. They have distinctive rings around their eyes that give them a “bandit mask” appearance, making raccoon hunting simple if you know what to look for. Furthermore, their front paws mimic human hands, allowing them to open doors and garbage cans readily. Raccoons typically weigh 6-7 kilos, with males being larger than females.

Raccoons are omnivores when it comes to food. This means that they will consume almost anything, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects, small mammals, and even garbage. Raccoons typically survive for about 2-3 years in the wild. They can, however, stay far longer in captivity—up to 20 years!

What Are Rodents?

With approximately 1,500 different species, rodents are one of the most diverse groupings of mammals globally. It appears in various shapes and sizes. Rodents are sometimes labeled pest animals because they infiltrate homes and businesses for food. Mice, rats, squirrels, and beavers are some of the most prevalent rodents.

Rodents are distinguished from other mammals by their distinct set of teeth. All rats have two huge incisors in the front of their mouths that continue to grow throughout their lives. This implies they have to bite on items to keep their teeth from becoming too long. Wood, food, and other materials are favorites of rats.

Are Raccoons Rodents?

One of the main reasons people believe raccoons are rodents is that they are often considered pests. Raccoons, while not as widespread as mice or rats, can cause property damage. They’ve been known to break into garbage cans, raid bird feeders, and steal pet food. They also endanger public health since they can spread diseases like rabies. Hence, you have a raccoon infestation in your home. You should contact a pest control professional.

Raccoons are intriguing animals, despite their reputation as pests. They are intelligent and versatile, with a distinct role in ecology. Hence, they are not rodents but an essential element of the natural world. Raccoons are not rodents. However, they do share some characteristics with them. Raccoons and rodents are distinguished by their teeth and the number of toes on their paws.


Because of the damage they cause and their potential to spread rabies, raccoons are often considered nuisance wildlife. They often make their homes in attics, chimneys, crawl spaces—any place that provides cover from predators and humans alike.

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