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Why Do Bed Bugs Appear

Why Do Bed Bugs Appear

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects notorious for their tendency to feed on human blood. These wingless pests have become a common household problem, infesting homes, hotels, and other residential buildings. They can be a significant nuisance, and their bites can cause itching and discomfort. Hence, this blog will explore why bed bugs appear in homes and how to prevent their infestation.

Lack Of Cleanliness

Bed bugs prefer unclean and cluttered environments, such as dirty laundry and unvacuumed areas. Keeping your home clean can significantly decrease the likelihood of bed bug infestations. Regular cleaning practices can help to eliminate bed bug habitats and prevent the spread of these pests. Maintaining cleanliness in all areas of your living space is vital to avoid bed bugs in your home.

Second-Hand Furniture

One of the common reasons for bed bug infestations is buying second-hand furniture. Bed bugs can easily hide in furniture and go undetected for months, allowing them to spread quickly in the house. Inspecting any used furniture before bringing it into your home is crucial to prevent bed bugs from infesting your place. Inspection can help in identifying and eliminating bed bugs at an early stage, thus avoiding significant problems in the future. Taking preventive measures can save you time and money in the long run.

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Climate And Temperature

Bed bugs are highly adaptable to different environments and can survive in various climates. They prefer warmer temperatures, from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but extreme heat or cold can harm their survival. If exposed to freezing temperatures, they may hibernate or die. However, they are resourceful and can survive in colder climates by seeking warmer hiding places. Thus, it’s essential to keep your home at a comfortable temperature to prevent bed bug infestations.

Second-Hand Clothing

Bed bugs can hide in second-hand clothing just like they do in second-hand furniture. It’s essential to wash and dry used clothing thoroughly before wearing it to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Therefore, inspecting and cleaning all second-hand items before bringing them into your home is crucial.

Infested Dwellings

Bed bugs from neighboring infested dwellings can spread through walls, pipes, or electrical wiring. It can quickly happen if you live in a multi-unit building. It’s important to be informed of any reports of bed bugs in your building so you can take appropriate action. Taking precautions against bed bugs is the best way to protect your house from them. Protect your home and belongings against these annoying pests by taking preventative action.


Bed bugs can be a persistent issue for both homeowners and travelers. However, you can minimize the annoyance and inconvenience of dealing with these pests by learning the typical causes of bed bug infestations and implementing preventative steps. At Hero Pest Control, we understand the impact of bed bugs on your home and well-being, and we are here to help. Our professional team is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to eliminate bed bugs from your home effectively. Don’t let bed bugs take over your life; call us immediately to take the first step toward a bed-bug-free home.

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