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Top 5 Warning Signs of Termites

Did you know termites cause more damage each year than fires and windstorms combined? That’s right.

Those little pests collectively cause about $2 billion in property damage each year!

That’s NOT a statistic you want to be a part of.

Instead, you need to learn the signs of termites to watch out for. Doing so will keep you, your family, and your home safe for years to come. Read on to learn the top five warning signs that termites are invading your space.

1. You Hear Things in Your Walls

Are you starting to hear noises inside your walls? You haven’t lost it! There’s a good chance you’re hearing termites at work.

It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, but it’s true. Termites are very noisy creatures. If you press your ear against your wall, then you should be able to hear them.

Worker termites will be busy eating your wood, and you can hear them eating. Soldier termites also make a lot of noise on wood if they feel danger is near.

Researchers think termites use vibrations as a form of sonar. If you’re hearing racket in your walls, then it could be termites scoping out their next meal!

2. Tunnels and Frass

The next things to look out for are tunnels and frass. Some types of termites build mud tunnels out of soil, feces, and wood. Other species drill out small holes near the wood itself.

Keep an eye out for any type of tunnel, hole, or entry point in your wood.

Frass is a fancy name for termite droppings. It looks like tiny black marks or streaks. Frass can also appear powdery.

Some termites will push the frass out of their homes. So, you can expect to find frass near the entrance or exit of their nests.

3. Your Wood Sounds Hollow

Have you noticed wood shavings or pellets on the floor? That’s a clear sign that something is munching on your wood.

Try to knock or tap on your wooden areas. If it sounds hollow, then there’s a good chance the wood already has termite damage.

4. You See White or Flying Ants

Are you seeing weird looking ants around your house? Termite identification is tough. These bugs are often mistaken as ants.

Ants are NOT white or translucent, though. Termites are.

There is such a thing as flying ants, but a termite’s wings are different. A termite’s wings are both the same size. An ant’s wings will have one large set and a smaller set.

5. Wings Are Everywhere

As termites mature, they shed their wings. If you start seeing wings all over your home, then there’s a good chance your home’s already infected.

Check for these wings around your home’s foundation, window sills, and near spider webs.

Top Signs of Termites You Shouldn’t Ignore

Have you started to notice some of the above signs of termites? If so, then you shouldn’t ignore the problem. You need to get an expert out to identify and remedy the issue ASAP.

Otherwise, you’re risking your family’s home and health.

Are you looking for a bug specialist in Texas? We’ve got you covered! Use our request service form and click “termite control” to reach out to our experts now.

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